Tracking Cells Podcast E6: How to Schedule Patients Effectively and Overcome Challenges in CGT

Guest Speakers: Andy Case & Akshay Peer

In Episode six of the Tracking Cells podcast, Helen Hopkins is joined by Andrew Case, Head of Supply Chain at Genentech Roche, and Dr Akshay Peer, Senior Vice President of Product at TrakCel, as they discuss how to schedule patients effectively and overcome challenges in CGT.

They delve into the challenges surrounding patient scheduling, exploring the traditional methods and stakeholders involved. Learn how digitalization, particularly through cell orchestration, can revolutionize the patient scheduling process and improve time to treatment. Listen below.

Andy Case | Genentech Roche

Until recently, Andy served as the Head of Supply Chain at Genentech Roche. Presently, he holds a leadership role at Genentech Roche, overseeing a team of Product Owners and Product Leaders within their Value Chain Organization for the Cell and Gene Therapy Group. In this capacity, they are responsible for the management of six highly compelling cell gene therapy assets.

Akshay Peer | TrakCel

Akshay is the Senior Vice President of Product Development and a Co-founder of the company, and he bring over 12 years of extensive experience within the cell and gene therapy industry. His longstanding tenure in this field reflects a dedicated commitment to advancing innovation and contributing to the industry's growth.

Episode 6: How to Schedule Patients Effectively and Overcome Challenges in CGT

In this episode, our guest speakers embark on an insightful journey into the intricate world of patient scheduling as they addresses fundamental questions surrounding this critical aspect of CGT.

Andy and Akshay shed light on how patient scheduling is traditionally managed, offering a comprehensive overview of the resources and stakeholders involved. Gain valuable insights into the collaborative efforts required from healthcare professionals, manufacturing teams, and other key players in the CGT ecosystem.

They also talk about the potential of digitalization, with a focus on cell orchestration, to revolutionize patient scheduling. Exploring the ways in which technology can be leveraged to streamline and optimize scheduling processes, ultimately contributing to enhanced efficiency and improved patient experiences.

The podcast further touches upon real-world examples and success stories where the digitalization of patient scheduling has proven to be a game-changer. Learn from instances where innovative technologies have not only reduced manufacturing costs but have also demonstrated positive impacts on environmental sustainability within the CGT sector.

Join us in deciphering the intricate details of CGT patient scheduling and discover how mastering this crucial aspect could be the key to unlocking a more efficient, sustainable, and patient-focused future in the field of Cell and Gene Therapy.

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