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TrakCel are an industry leader in delivering cell and gene therapy orchestration solutions for medicine’s most complex value chains. The success of advanced therapies relies upon addressing a unique set of challenges and a connected, compliant, and scalable value chain.

Our Products and Professional Services are backed by a team of exceptional experts who have vast experience and proven track records of delivering complex cell and gene therapy projects on time, within specification and within budget, to ensure patients are connected to the lifesaving therapies they need, safely and efficiently.

Our Products OCELLOS by TrakCel and OCELLOS Lite are our second-generation, Salesforce-powered cellular orchestration platforms, built for flexibility, connectivity and ease of use. OCELLOS allows therapy developers full visibility of their therapy, patient by patient, through each treatment cycle, whilst ensuring Chain of Custody and Chain of Identity are tracked at each stage of the patient journey.

The systems are highly scalable, rapidly deployable and can change and grow to meet your needs as therapies develop, from Clinical Trial to Commercialization.

TrakCel solutions track each patient journey with full audit trail without the need for paper records, offering a simple to use, regulatory compliant solution for both Clinical Trial and Commercial settings. A complete, connected solution to cell and gene supply chain management challenges.

There is a patient at the end of everything we do. Our main goal is the successful orchestration of every patient’s advanced therapy journey; ensuring that the right patient, receives the right therapy, at the right time.


OCELLOS by TrakCel – Cellular Orchestration. Evolved.

Complete visibility at every step. Guaranteed.

Healthcare Providers

Logistics Managers


Case Managers

Therapy Champions

Healthcare Providers

OCELLOS by TrakCel is an intuitive and user-friendly platform, allowing Healthcare Providers to quickly and easily enroll new patients, schedule and book the collection of starting materials in line with manufacturing availability and view the status of patients’ therapies and any required actions in real-time throughout the treatment journey.

Logistics Managers

OCELLOS by TrakCel schedules shipping in line with manufacturing availability according to customer defined timelines and provides real time access to each Chain of Custody (COC) transfer and product movement throughout the therapy’s lifecycle. Direct integration with logistics partners facilitates the sharing of real-time data, flagging issues as they arise.


Multiple manufacturing users can manage capacity via seamless integration to their manufacturing systems.  OCELLOS allows users to record quality checks, flag issues to the therapy champion and update stakeholders on the status of each treatment in real-time. Courier and label integration allows end products to be labelled and dispatched with ease.

Case Managers

OCELLOS by TrakCel provides seamless integration for Case Managers (Call Center, Hub Services as well as internally staffed Support Centers).  Case Managers will be able to manage and update patient information and will have real-time access to patient journey information through a series of dashboards and reports.

Therapy Champions

Therapy champions can see each patient’s treatment journey from start to finish in real-time. Issues or alerts from stakeholders can be easily escalated, facilitating quick and decisive actions. Full audit trail and Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody reports. Built for integration, OCELLOS puts information from your partners and suppliers at your fingertips.

With innovation we guide today, with our technology we transform tomorrow, uniting patient with therapy.

We play our part in one of the most innovative and exciting areas of modern medicine, with the advent of personalized therapies.  These therapies come with a multitude of challenges and TrakCel’s passion is to help pharmaceutical manufacturers overcome complexities, ensuring that the right patient receives the right therapy at the right time.

With the introduction of personalized therapies, both the patient and therapy are on their own journeys, and OCELLOS by TrakCel provides a second-generation, modular platform backed by world-class Professional Services to connect them both.

There is a patient at the end of everything we do.
Join us. See the journey.

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Innovating today

Our vision guides the orchestration of your advanced therapy journey by providing complete visibility and insight to every stakeholder in the value chain.

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Uniting patient with therapy

At TrakCel, we recognize that both the patient and therapy are on their own journeys. OCELLOS by TrakCel, our second-generation cellular orchestration solution unites the journeys of patient and therapy, ensuring that the right patient receives the right therapy at the right time.

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Transforming tomorrow

Cell, gene and immunotherapies are different from traditional biopharmaceutical products. Our state-of-the-art OCELLOS by TrakCel technology enables the successful orchestration of your therapy, from patient enrollment to final product delivery.

Where are you in your advanced therapy journey?

Clinical Trial

For developers working at clinical stages, TrakCel offers ATMP clinical trial coordination by supporting the transition from a paper-based to a digital orchestration solution. Streamline your value chain by efficiently coordinating collection, logistics, manufacturing and treatment administration – all from a single platform. With the largest number of live clinical trial deployments across the broadest range of therapeutics classes in the industry, our experts will guide you on along the successful implementation of your therapy's journey.


It takes a commitment to innovation, seamless coordination, and the support of an experienced partner to overcome every barrier on the journey from clinical trial to commercial success. TrakCel’s end-to-end solution supports therapy champions with commercial therapy supply chain management, tracking and reporting Chain of Identity (COI) and Chain of Custody (COC) and empowering all stakeholders with visibility of key stages, reporting and real-time access to each patient's therapy journey.

The TrakCel Difference

Guaranteed Innovation

A market leader in cellular orchestration offering a new modular framework, powered by technology. Now available on the Salesforce App Exchange. The first cellular orchestration platform available on the world's largest application marketplace.

Industry Experience

Unrivaled understanding and experience of the cell and gene therapy industry, cellular orchestration and emerging therapies in both the clinical trial and commercial settings. Let our industry experts guide your advanced therapy journey.

Global Footprint

With the most live deployments in the cell and gene therapy industry, spanning multiple therapeutic classes, TrakCel is trusted by global pharmaceutical manufacturers for both the clinical trial and commercial settings.

Integrated Partners

Access to a digital ecosystem of experienced partners including couriers, hub services, 3PL, ERP, MES and more solutions, supporting both the clinical trial and commercial settings.

Powerful partnerships with a digital ecosystem of connected service companies

Trusted by Global Therapy Developers at Each Step of Their Journey

At TrakCel we pride ourselves on delivering a knowledgeable and consultative experience. We believe in true partnerships with our clients, providing support and innovative solutions on the path to commercialization.

"We selected TrakCel for its ability to configure and build a cellular orchestration platform that will specifically meet Mustang’s needs, scale with development, and integrate with our existing systems."

Mustang Bio

Chief Technology Officer

"Your team has exceeded our customer service expectations from the moment we exchanged our first email up to the last Tumor Harvest we completed in October. Each time we have needed assistance the TrakCel Team has responded promptly and professionally, no matter what time it was!"

James Graham Brown Cancer Center

Clinical Research Nurse

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