Introducing OCELLOS by TrakCel

TrakCel’s second-generation advanced therapy orchestration platform developed for cell and gene therapy manufacturers to facilitate the end-to-end journey of advanced therapies for both the clinical trial and commercial settings. OCELLOS is already operational at 209 sites across 11 countries with 1900+ trained users and is available in 6 languages. It also supports 20+ therapies (including 4 commercial therapies).

OCELLOS is built to facilitate integration, putting information from all stakeholders in the supply-chain in an easy to read, report and action format.

OCELLOS is available on Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading cloud marketplace.


Advanced Therapy Orchestration Platform

Cellular Orchestration. Evolved.

As a pioneer in the cellular orchestration industry, TrakCel has leveraged years of experience and innovation to design and deliver OCELLOS by TrakCel, the first modular, Salesforce-powered solution for the cell and gene therapy industry.

At TrakCel we understand how uniquely complex each client implementation is, therefore OCELLOS by TrakCel offers each client a unique therapy process through connecting base modules and configurable forms, eliminating the need to create a custom solution and deployment for each client.

From patient enrollment, scheduling, manufacture, right through to final product delivery and administration, OCELLOS by TrakCel gives complete visibility of the patient’s journey. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading online marketplace, implementing a cellular orchestration platform for your advanced therapy has never been easier.

Full visibility on therapy dashboard

Advanced Therapy Orchestration Platform, for the Entire Patient Journey

Cell and Gene Therapy Management Software

Your Journey to Commercial Success

As therapies reach the commercial setting, the processes required to support commercialization activities bring additional complexities not seen in the clinical trial setting.

OCELLOS by TrakCel was designed to streamline the orchestration of commercial stage therapies, from patient enrollment to final product delivery, ensuring Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody are managed at each step of the patient journey.

The system incorporates the flexibility to grow with you as you add or change to your processes, bring on new supply partners or new therapies, all from the same system and user interface, minimizing your training and deployment burden.

Visibility from the First Patient

TrakCel supports the largest number of live clinical trial deployments in the cell and gene therapy industry. We have harnessed this expertise to continue to support clinical trials across autologous and allogeneic therapies in addition to our experience with personalized cancer vaccines.

OCELLOS by TrakCel was designed to streamline the orchestration of clinical trial stage therapies, from subject enrollment to treatment and administration, ensuring Chain of Custody and Chain of Identity are managed at each step of the patient journey.

Each patient journey can be tracked through multiple treatment cycles if required and several therapies or trials can be managed from the same platform.

When the journeys of patient and therapy unite, tomorrow begins


Streamlined product configuration, leveraging a “clicks not code” methodology, ensuring shorter implementation cycles


Full Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody tracking ensures right patient, right treatment


Real-time reporting of progress for each therapy throughout the value chain


Configurable functionality supports scale from Clinical Trial to commercial success

1900+ Users Worldwide Across 11 Countries

As of Q2 2024, OCELLOS is already operational at 209 sites across 11 countries with 1900+ trained users and is available in 6 languages, and supports 20+ therapies (including 4 commercial therapies).

Download our datasheet to see the list of sites.


Partner Ecosystem

TrakCel’s integrations are managed through our MuleSoft-powered Integration Hub, enabling  connectivity for all internal and external partners. The MuleSoft platform enables the standardization of and re-use of our APIs including but not limited to couriers, labelling etc.

Leveraging MuleSoft’s leading API platform, OCELLOS by TrakCel can quickly connect with external systems out of the box, providing automated security and threat protection for every integration.



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At TrakCel, we pride ourselves on delivering a knowledgeable and consultative experience. We believe in true partnerships with our clients, providing support and innovative solutions on the path to commercialization.

"We selected TrakCel for its ability to configure and build a cellular orchestration platform that will specifically meet Mustang’s needs, scale with development, and integrate with our existing systems."

Mustang Bio

Chief Technology Officer

"Your team has exceeded our customer service expectations from the moment we exchanged our first email up to the last Tumor Harvest we completed in October. Each time we have needed assistance the TrakCel Team has responded promptly and professionally, no matter what time it was!"

James Graham Brown Cancer Center

Clinical Research Nurse

“This product can help focus, simplify, and reduce errors in the complex supply chain and task logistics of cell/gene therapy (CGT) development and production.”

The Scientist

Krystyn Van Vliet – Cornell University

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