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TrakCel is the first provider of integrated cell and gene therapy software solutions for the orchestration and precise management, control and tracking of cell and gene therapy products. With the largest number of live deployments supporting the broadest number of therapy classes in industry, TrakCel has built a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by advanced therapy developers globally.

Our goal is to provide cell and gene therapy software solutions that offer visibility, insight and scalability to streamline the delivery of therapies to patients at their most vulnerable.

about us

Shaping advanced therapy value chains

TrakCel was established in 2012 by a group of co-founders with deep experience in ultra-low temperature-controlled supply chain management services to the biotechnology industry.

The team  had early exposure to the challenges of managing complex supply chains associated with cell and gene therapies and saw that for these therapies to succeed at scale, robust supply chain management at an individual therapy level was essential.

As a result TrakCel cell and gene therapy software was born. By harnessing innovation to support advanced therapy developers worldwide, our founders created the first cell orchestration system.

TrakCel has now produced several generations of cell and gene therapy orchestration solutions and continues to develop them to meet future needs.

Supporting therapy developers globally

Today, TrakCel’s team is represented in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States serving a wide variety of pharmaceutical developers at both clinical and commercial stages.

We are regarded as a true partner to our clients, delivering cell and gene therapy tracking solutions that help to support and streamline the connection of these vital of cell and gene therapy products to the patient. Ensuring that patients receive the best possible experience and outcome is at the heart of everything we do.

TrakCel is proud to support the widest range of advanced therapy classes and the most live deployments of cellular orchestration platforms in the industry.





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Our Vision

With innovation we guide today, with our technology we transform tomorrow, uniting patient with therapy.

Our Mission

There is a patient at the end of everything we do, it is why we guide our clients through the orchestration of their advanced cell therapies.

Proud to be part of the Life Sciences Sector in Wales

We’re proud to be a leading provider of software solutions for the cell and gene industry, and thrilled to be part of the vibrant Life Sciences Sector in Wales.

Here at TrakCel, we’ve recruited a significant amount of talent in South Wales, including; software engineers, testers, quality individuals, and project managers.

Our values reflect our unwavering commitment and partnership to our people and clients, always remembering that there is a patient at the end of everything we do.

Trusted Experts

Our guidance is based on knowledge. By sharing our insight, we show our clients the way.

Working Together

Our passion for patients connects us. By partnering we lead our clients to success.

Delivering a Vision

Our technology transforms. By delivering our vision, we help our clients realize their tomorrow.

Expertise to support your cell therapy journey at every step

At TrakCel we do more than provide state of the art cellular orchestration solutions, we help guide our clients on their orchestration journey by surrounding our state of the art software with Industry Advisors and Engagement Managers to provide a true partnership from day one.

Our team of Industry Advisors support clients through Discovery, Configuration and Implementation of their solution, providing the expertise and support required at each step of the journey.

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