Partner Eco-System & Integrated Supply Chain

Streamlining the delivery of advanced therapies is reliant upon a connected and transparent value chain of partners. TrakCel leverages partnerships with a wide range of cell and gene therapy service providers to provide a seamless end-to-end solution.

Our partner eco-system both extends where and what data can be shared, and offers customers a choice of integrated global suppliers for more robust supply chain networks.

Partners include leading shipping and logistics, manufacturing , labelling, and patient hub service providers, as well as a range of ERP systems and system management tools.

From Patient Enrollment to Patient Delivery

OCELLOS offers seamless API connectivity to provide stable and secure data sharing with end-to-end solutions for cell and gene therapies and personalized cancer vaccines.

Take advantage of TrakCel’s existing integrations, including labelling,  manufacturers, specialty couriers and cold chain logistics, case management and other essential services is to enhance control of the supply ecosystem.

Read on to learn more about our established integrations and how they could help address your value chain challenges.

The TrakCel Difference

Our Partner Ecosystem is continuously evolving.

Connect with a range of TrakCel partners instantly

With OCELLOS, you can connect instantly to any of our existing partners

Seamless connections powered by Mulesoft

Peace of mind with Mulesoft’s comprehensive integration platform that manages the data transitions

Data integrity at all times

TrakCel’s platform safely exchanges data with other cell and gene therapy software systems (both HIPAA and GDPR compliant)

Always evolving

TrakCel is committed to cell and gene therapy standardization and is continuously adding to its Partner Ecosystem

Our Existing Partner Eco-System Integrated Supply Chain

We are integrated with more than 12 industry specialists, supporting different stages of the CGT supply chain

Courier & Logistics

This is one of the most highly requested integrations for the value chain as it automates the shipment booking as well as the cancelation process when needed.

OCELLOS and OCELLOS Lite can be configured to automatically send standard information for a shipment type such as the shipper type and temperature, and will only display couriers with the relevant capabilities to the user. The shipping information is then output as needed to the product label and intrinsically linked with the COI and patient record.

All of this can be done without leaving the application. TrakCel has proven integrations with multiple CGT logistic partners, including: BioCair, Cencora, Marken and QuickSTAT .

CGT Logistics within Integrated Supply Chain

Manufacturing – ERP & MES

Within the supply chain, it is extremely advantageous for healthcare sites to have access to up-to-date information on manufacturing capacity to ensure that they can schedule patients efficiently.

OCELLOS’ dedicated manufacturing module tracks all the key manufacturing milestones, not just the start and finish times and will alert specified users to changes in the schedule.

OCELLOS has already been fully integrated with multiple CGT manufacturing systems, including: PAS-X by Körber and MODA-ES by Lonza.

Monitor and report on major manufacturing milestones


In personalized medicines, it’s essential that the correct patient identifier is attached to materials and data throughout the supply chain. OCELLOS manages COI, creating a full report for each patient in real-time for safety, compliance and quality purposes.

OCELLOS and OCELLOS Lite will generate product labels, populating patient specific information into your approved templates. Ensuring consistency and compliance regardless of different locations, languages or treatments.

TrakCel has already added the widely used BarTender software from Seagull Scientific to produce compliant labels at the click of a button.

Built in labelling functionality powered by BarTender

Patient Hub Services

The patient is at the heart of everything we do within the CGT supply chain, therefore co-ordinating the supply chain activities around them is critical to successful treatment and an uncompromised experience.

This integration provides real-time patient eligibility and benefits verification, as well as providing live transmissions of the patient schedule information to the case manager.

OCELLOS is fully integrated with various patient hub services including Patient Hub Services from Cencora.

Patient access and reimbursement solutions as part of the integrated supply chain for commercial therapies

Start Building Your CGT Integrated Supply Chain

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Powerful integration with an already comprehensive ecosystem established

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See What Our Partners Have To Say

At TrakCel, we are working with the goal of standardizing the delivery of life changing therapies to patients globally. By partnering with carefully selected companies and integrations we are always working to create seamless integrations to streamline the advanced therapy value chain.

“For the cell and gene therapy industry today, orchestration within the manufacturing component of the supply chain will be essential. Both manual and automated manufacturing of autologous and allogeneic therapies will need careful tracking for considerable patient numbers in the very near future, integrating our manufacturing platform with TrakCel’s OCELLOS will be the first step in a multi-phase rollout of integrations between Lonza and TrakCel that will further improve adherence to process and critical records and enhance therapy safety and reduce costly errors.”


Walter Bagni – Director, Head of Cell & Gene and Labeling CoE

“While we have seen tremendous growth across the CGT sector, including the approval of novel therapies, the path to treatment access is complex and lined with potential barriers, whether it’s introducing new solutions or collaborating with partners across the supply chain, we are focused on reducing the challenges across the commercialization and treatment journey to help developers launch products and ensure patients can access the therapies they need. Through this collaboration with TrakCel, we are able to improve speed-to-therapy and simplify the care coordination process to help deliver an enhanced patient and provider experience.”


Dale Hanna – Director of Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions

"The cell and gene therapy industry continues experiencing exponential growth. As a fresh group of therapies moves towards commercialization, the supply ecosystem becomes more extensive. As a result, labeling standards have become critical to reduce risks, as specified by SCB and other organizations, BarTender will provide a vital component to OCELLOS by TrakCel to ensure the safety of patients, developers and all those within the value chain."

BarTender, Seagull Scientific

“Be The Match BioTherapies and TrakCel share the goal of ensuring that the next generation of cell and gene therapies can be developed efficiently and delivered to patients safely and reliably. This collaboration will allow us to develop the custom solutions best suited for each individual program and patient population.”

Be The Match BioTherapies

“Orchestration and tracking is vital within the cell and gene manufacturing process. However, unifying this into one single interface across the whole supply chain will be essential as therapies progress through the clinical phases to commercialization, treating larger numbers of seriously ill patients suffering from indications with few therapeutic options requires everyone throughout the chains to be informed on progress and delays. The Körber TrakCel partnership will provide visibility within the manufacturing of these therapies and fit into TrakCel’s orchestration across the wider supply chain across the chain.”


Dr. Judith Koliwer – Principal Consultant Cell and Gene Therapy

"The collaboration between Marken and TrakCel is a natural next step in our strategy to expand Marken's service offerings into the CGT clinical supply chain market. Our network of 49 global sites now include eight cryogenic (LN2) service stations and a very large and well-distributed fleet of specialty shipping containers to serve these trials. We also ensure 100% of all cell and gene shipments travel with our GPS tracking technology and are monitored by our 24/7 Global Control Center. We look forward to our new collaboration with TrakCel and what we can achieve together."


“Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics transports every year over 80,000 human organs and tissue samples. It is now essential not only to track the transport of these products that patient’s lives depend on but to offer every person involved in the supply of these products real-time information of the status and location of these products. Based on the continuously growing number of therapeutic companies currently working with TrakCel and Quick, we see this partnership and the work completed as a critical step forward for the industry.”

Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics

“By incorporating links into the TrakCel solution we’ll provide on-tap access to cell therapy companies as they move through clinical trials to scaled production.”

World Courier

"We’re excited to add TrakCel to our global ecosystem of partners as we seek to help clients tackle their challenges, we look forward to deploying our expertise to help the industry shift to using proactive, predictive analyses that can identify and mitigate challenges in cell therapy orchestration. We’ll continue to build partnerships with companies like TrakCel that are passionate about applying technology, data and analytics to improve decision-making and outcomes for cell and gene therapies to help more patients worldwide"


“Biocair has always been customer focused, but this is even more important in the cell and gene sector. We want to give our customers full visibility and integration within the complex cell and gene therapy supply chain, which is why partnering with TrakCel is essential to providing health care professionals and patients peace of mind that their life-changing medicines will reach them in a timely and safe manner.”


Chris Good, Director of Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics

“Bringing a CGT product to market is immensely complex for developers, our partnership with TrakCel will bring visibility and tracking capabilities to manufacturers, which will accelerate speed to market for these life-changing therapies and help patients access treatment more quickly.”

Cardinal Health

Fran Gregory, PharmD, MBA, VP of Emerging Therapies

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