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A future challenge within the Cell and Gene Therapy sector is likely to be the divergence and variety of therapy classes and the resulting differences in the processes that are needed in their supply chain. OCELLOS has been developed with this in mind, the system is driven by a client specific configuration that our team of experts work on perfecting throughout the ‘discovery’ phase of the project. This involves going through processes in detail to create the workflows, notifications and rules that proactively guide stakeholders through the therapy journey, providing them with the right information to make decisions and creating a robust chain of identity, chain of custody and audit trail.

The TrakCel approach allows our team to deliver each cell orchestration platform that they configure, to meet the client’s specific needs quickly and efficiently. We operate a client-led approach meaning that you can deploy in a single project, or in phases as required. Read snippets from our latest projects below.

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The fast evolving nature of the science that powers the advanced therapy and regenerative medicine industries means that the supply chain processes that support the delivery of these treatments from the first-in-human trials, all the way through to commercial approval are constantly becoming more complex.

The unique way that the second generation cell orchestration platform OCELLOS by TrakCel uses configuration to quickly and effectively map these processes without the need to invest time, resource and risk in customizing the underlying code or structure of the system, ensures t can meet specific customer requirements and continue to evolve over the lifetime of the therapy.

For more information on how OCELLOS could support your therapy, why not get in touch with the team and book a customized demo?

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