Tracking Cells Podcast E7: Customizing Cell Therapy Automation

Guest Speakers: Alice Clayton & Sean Evans

In episode 7 of Tracking Cells, we talk with Alice Clayton, Head of Project Management, and Sean Evans, VP of Technical Delivery, both from TrakCel, about the intricacies, advantages and considerations of customizing cell therapy orchestration solutions. During this episode, we explore the dynamic landscape of cell therapy orchestration, the process and planning involved in a successful deployment, as well as what and when to customize for the best results. Listen below.

Helen spoke with Sean about the technical complexities of digitizing cell and gene therapies, and how to navigate those to offer stakeholders with differing needs a technical solution that is simple to use and streamlines their processes. Alice offered insight into how complex and unique customer projects including sample and donor tracking, are successfully managed and deployed from discovery to delivery on time and on budget.

Alice Clayton | TrakCel

Alice is the Head of Project Management at TrakCel and therefore oversees the team of project managers who are the main point of contact for customers during project delivery. From contract sign off right the way through to solutions going live, she ensures that we deliver on scope, on time and within budget.

Sean Evans | TrakCel

Sean is TrakCel’s VP of Technical Delivery, and manages the technical delivery teams involved in scoping and implementing solutions to address specific customer projects. He also acts as a strategic lead for commercial customers in terms of best practices and maximizing the value they get from the system.

Episode 7: Customizing Cell Therapy Automation

Alice and Sean review TrakCel’s methods when it comes to determining project scope, from customer-led customization through business requirement specifications (BRS) to discovery phases and workshops. They also address ways to prevent scope change and drift, emphasizing how stakeholder engagement, cross-functional collaboration, and agile methodologies help keep projects moving and on-plan. As well as exploring relationship between therapy phases and automation - team size, collaboration, and how they can influence the overall process.

They both talk about how clients should decide what aspects to customize, focusing on central functionality, such as label templating, and the importance of reference number consistency. Plus, they discuss scenarios where customization may only serve to add unnecessary cost and complication; and how to distinguish between the must-haves, nice-to-haves and what to avoid completely.

Furthermore, they share some real-world success stories and suggested solutions for common industry challenges, such as the implementation of timer-driven email notifications for efficient communication and process reminders. And how customizations and automations positively impact patients, reducing time to treatment and enhancing the overall patient experience.

Join us in this episode of Tracking Cells for a comprehensive overview that demystifies the complexities of customizing cell therapy automation.

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