Tracking Cells Podcast E1: The Increasing Need to Orchestrate Modern CGTs

Guest Speakers: Dr Matthew Lakelin & Lia Sylvestri

In this episode we discussed; the increasing need to orchestrate modern CGTs. For this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Lia Sylvestri, the Director of Customer Care and Experience at TrakCel, and Dr Matthew Lakelin, one of TrakCel‚Äôs Co-Founders. 

Together, they shed light on both the challenges and potential of the rapidly evolving cell and gene therapy industry, exploring the significance of standardization, technology integration, early adoption of digitalisation, and automated cell orchestration systems. 

Join us for an engaging conversation that uncovers the dynamic landscape of cell and gene therapy industry as it matures, and the growing importance of patient care and accessibility.

Listen below via Spotify, or search for 'Tracking Cells' on your favourite podcast platform.

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