Tracking Cells Podcast E2: Industry Led Product Development in a Rapidly Changing CGT Landscape.

Guest Speakers: Dale Hanna & Imran Ahmed

In Episode two of the Tracking Cells Podcast, we chat to Dale Hanna, Director of Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions at AmerisourceBergen, and Imran Ahmed, Head of Product at TrakCel.

Dale Hanna’s background is in biochemistry and healthcare transformation. In his current role he's focused on developing products and solutions, to improve patient services and support industry growth.  

Imran Ahmed has a broad background in product development within regulated environments, and is responsible for developing product features using the latest technology, in line with rapidly changing industry needs.

Together, they share their thoughts on essential aspects of product development and its impact on CGT therapies. They emphasize the importance of understanding patient needs and creating a seamless user experience to improve patient access and overall outcomes.

The podcast covers various key topics, including agile product development for a fast-moving sector, how supporting products and services can help ease resource crunch in the CGT supply chain, and the role of new technologies in the future.

Join us as we explore product development within the CGT supply chain with a focus on patient care and commercialization.

Listen below via Spotify, or search for 'Tracking Cells' on your favourite podcast platform.

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