Tracking Cells Podcast E5: How Digital Collaboration is Vital to Supporting CGT Scale-Up

Guest Speakers: Judith Koliwer & Chris Came

In Episode five of the Tracking Cells podcast, Helen Hopkins is joined by Judith Koliwer, Principle Consultant Cell and Gene Therapy at Körber, and Chris Came, Vice President of Relationship Management at TrakCel. They discuss how digital collaboration and a strong eco-system play a vital role in error prevention, efficiency enhancement, and scaling up within CGT. Listen below.

Judith Koliwer | Körber

After her PhD on the genetic background of autism spectrum disorders, Judith was leading an academic research group, which analyzed the physiological role of proteins associated with cancer and epilepsy by using lenti and retroviral transduction for genetic modification of cell cultures. As the leading scientist for BSL2, she supported the development of all virus-based projects of the university. In 2019, Judith joined the MES Company Werum IT Solutions GmbH, now Körber Pharma Software GmbH, where she works as principal consultant for cell and gene therapy projects. She works closely with cell and gene therapy / ATMP manufacturers, supporting them in transitioning their manufacturing process from paper to a digital solution.

Chris Came | TrakCel

Chris has over 15 years of experience working within Information Technology and Customer Services and has expertise in managing and deploying Enterprise Applications on a global scale. Chris is responsible for the implementation and management of the TrakCel Service and Support model, working tirelessly with his team to successfully deliver customer support and training.

Episode 5: How Digital Collaboration is Vital to Supporting CGT Scale-Up

In this episode, Judith and Chris explore the key benefits of digital collaboration and having an eco-system within the cell and gene sector. They delve into the challenges, synergies, and strategies that shape the industry's growth and emphasizes the importance of strong partnerships and how an integrated supply chain can be beneficial.

When done with the right partners, some of the benefits include; accelerating research and development, expanding access to resources, fostering innovation, as well as how these can help with error prevention, efficiency enhancement, and scaling up within CGT.

With the cell and gene therapy sector continually evolving at a rapid pace, the podcast explores how companies can navigate this dynamic environment and continue to develop and grow by utilizing the power of collaboration.

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