Managing Multiple Therapies

Managing Multiple Therapies with Therapy Switcher

As the Advanced Therapy industry matures, therapy developers increasingly have several different therapies in their portfolio or pipeline. Whilst some of these may be very similar, such as a single therapy that is being trialled against multiple indications or patient groups, there is also the scenario where a therapy developer may have a broad range of cell and gene therapies all with very different processes, scales and even geographies. TrakCel designed OCELLOS’ Therapy Switcher feature to help therapy developers manage these challenges.

For internal stakeholders such as supply chain specialists managing separate processes and critical timelines for different therapies can be a huge challenge, particularly as this may introduce new suppliers and systems that need to be accessed to manage the patient journeys. Project managers have reported that there may be in the region of 200 separate tasks that need to be completed to deliver a therapy to a patient, more is there are multiple cycles involved in a single dose. Automating these processes is critical to allowing for scale-up as a Cell Orchestration System (COS) like OCELLOS has been shown to have the potential to reduce these 200 manual tasks to only four that require direct user input.

The automation of the processes is also an important failsafe where processes differ greatly as the system will deploy the correct rules, parameters and timelines to each therapy journey, guiding users through the key steps with far less room for error than if these processes rely on users to progress them manually.

Having a single system for users to log into is also a massive advantage as it not only consolidates data but it ensures that all the notifications and action triggers are governed from one place. By pulling information from the various healthcare providers, logistics partners and manufacturers into the COS as the central source of truth allows each user or team to see a broken-out list of actions that they need to complete for each patient. Where there are many internal stakeholders handing off elements of a therapy journey between them, this level of insight is critical to smooth transition.

Hosting within a single system also offers the potential to the therapy developer to be able to request custom reporting or data analysis over the whole estate if this is required to help to support their value chain management.

Therapy switcher can also be deployed as part of a solution to help to address more specific developer needs such as, the need to split where data is hosted to meet the differing regulations based on the geographic territory that the trial or product is operating in.

The TrakCel product management and software development teams have the benefit of ten years of deployments over fifteen different therapy classes and are on hand to answer any questions about how COS can help manage your entire therapy pipeline.

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