Flexible Shipping for CGT

Flexible shipping for CGT

When considering shipping for CGT there are many potential options but all will likely have an impact on others in the supply chain.

Shipping routes and capabilities can be critical within the Cell and Gene Supply chain as there are likely to be a number of different materials being physically moved and stored, from live cells as patient starting materials to final drug product and potentially additional steps in between such as additional collection types or donor materials.

Each of these materials will have its own set of parameters that are likely to include storage temperature, shelf life and storage container/labelling requirements and these in turn may limit the number of couriers that are able to handle the delivery. The critical pathways of these therapies means that often it is necessary to have a ‘pool’ of shipping partners to ensure continuity of supply or to offer adequate availability to meet required timescales or milestones.

OCELLOS can be configured to help end users navigate these complex shipping relationships whether it be by showing a variety of potential couriers or by restricting the options that are available to certain locations or for specific sections of the therapy journey. For example if certain materials are shipped fresh and others are cryo-preserved, the system will not only pass this information to the courier but can restrict booking options only to couriers with an appropriate shipping service.

OCELLOS can be designed to monitor and prompt notifications about transit or storage locations, for example when there is a limited charge time on a low temperature shipper. The system extends beyond this in terms of assisting clients with courier management as it can also handle multiple accounts with the same shipping partner, allowing billing to be divided and handled as easily as possible.

If something unexpected happens that means a manual shipment through a different provider is required then this can also be entered into OCELLOS to ensure that the Chain of Custody and audit trail remain complete without impacting your ability to react to the unforeseen.

TrakCel has coordinated shipments for over 500 enrolled patients in recent years, helping users to ensure that the booking process is simple and always right first time in order to minimize delays or errors. The TrakCel support team are always on hand should a setting need to be changed or a snag arise, to ensure every patient has the best possible chance of receiving their therapy on time.

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