Capturing Custom Information

Customized Cell Orchestration

Within customized cell orchestration processes it is vital to be able to capture supporting data effectively.

When deploying a Cell Orchestration Solution (COS), your business and therapy needs may well dictate the process that you follow. Some clients opt to deploy a more industry standard configuration initially and then build this up with custom processes, fields and integrations yet for some, the uniqueness of their processes dictates that a more complex configuration is needed right from day one.

It is because of these differences that the TrakCel team run an extensive discovery phase with new clients to allow our project managers, business analysts, solution architects and development teams to fully understand the processes and the data that drive your therapy journey. This allows the TrakCel team to ensure that the COS collects the right data to ensure a complete picture and record the outcome of specific checks and measures but also that the workflows are configured correctly to use this information to drive the next steps in the therapy journey.

The platform that underpins TrakCel’s COS suite has the flexibility to ensure that specifying data fields, building them into a user-friendly set of screens and dashboards and ensuring building workflows, data visibility permissions and notifications to ensure that information is complete, in the correct format and shared appropriately is achievable without needing to change the code that drives the core system. This ultimately means that changes to standard configuration and more cost effective in both the short term and over the lifetime of the product as updates etc. are issued.

This unique method of applying configuration over the standard product modules offers clients the flexibility of customized cell orchestration via a system that fits perfectly without the complications of a completely bespoke, custom coded product.

TrakCel pride ourselves on using 10 years of industry experience paired with an ability to harness fine technical details that can make a big difference to your therapy management.

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