Getting more out of notifications

Getting More Out Of Notifications

Ensure that you stick to the ATMP critical path.

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) often rely on speed and efficiency in the supply chain to deliver effective therapies, this is particularly true when components need to be shipped fresh as opposed to cryogenically preserved, but even when treatments are frozen, there is no getting around the fact that these therapies are often used as a last resort for patients where the normal treatment pathways have failed. These patients are generally very sick so it is often the case that faster treatment delivery, can be linked to better patient outcomes.

ATMPs are particularly reliant on all the steps and checks in the supply chain process being undertaken and recorded promptly and in the correct order to ensure that the therapy can follow the ATMP critical path resulting in a safe, viable and effective treatment for the patient. Because this is so critical, it is also necessary to be able to document this process and make records easily available for audit.

To keep the therapy process flowing to the optimal timeline that it has calculated, OCELLOS triggers alerts and notifications to users throughout the patient journey. Whilst there are standard trigger points that might be commonly requested as notifications, such as when a task is due, completed or deadlines approach; OCELLOS has been designed to offer full control over this when it is deployed.

This means that as a therapy owner you can decide when notifications are generated, who they are sent to and what they say. So if your process incorporates specific steps that drive critical deadlines, such as a low temperature shipper with limited charge life or a subsequent collection cycle that is triggered by a specific milestone, these can be configured as proactive notifications to the relevant stakeholders.

Notifications can be generated in app or can be sent as an email or both, giving you total flexibility to ensure that the users responsible for driving the therapy journey forward to meet the critical timelines are supported in doing so.

TrakCel support team are on hand to configure changes to notifications should something in your processes change, and it is through the experience of this team that this flexibility was built into the system. Avoid support calls to ‘unlock’ therapies that have stalled due to process breakdown, reduce spoiled product and most importantly, speed up patient treatments.

10 years of experience configuring and supporting systems for a variety of clients and therapy processes mean that there are many challenges that our teams have addressed before with other clients. If you have specific issues or just want to review best or alternative practise, our team are happy to help.

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