To continue a week long celebration of TrakCel’s Women in Technology, we speak to Natasha Sefer, Junior Business Analyst.

What are your thoughts on the gender imbalance in tech?

I feel like it is much less than it was. However, I do still think it is at a high. I think that women are able to work and achieve exactly the same as men. We just need to be confident in that.

What advice would you give to other women wanting to pursue a career in tech?

The biggest piece of advice I could give is not to listen to people who tell you that you can’t do it. Anytime I tell someone what I do they act very surprised and say “wow”. Throughout my studies I was always one of the only girls and at my university, most of the girls dropped out within the first year of starting the course. I think by the end of the BSc I was one of only two or three left. I remember at university I had problems with one of my lecturers. When I would say I didn’t understand something, he would say “well of course not, you’re a girl”! I got 83% in his module and the highest of the class. If you want something you will achieve it, whether you are male or female.

In your opinion, how do we get more women in tech?

I think promoting the success stories of women in tech is a really good way to drive the motivation.

Supporting women to build their confidence is also something I feel is key. It can be daunting being the only girl quite a lot of the time, and sometimes this can affect your confidence. But, if you believe you can do it, it puts you in a much better position than if you feel slightly intimidated by it.

Natasha Sefer TrakCel

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