As part of our series celebrating TrakCel’s Women in Technology we speak with Laura Wesgate, Business Analyst who has been with TrakCel for over 4 years.

In your opinion, what are the biggest misconceptions about working in tech?

That women don’t work in tech! I have met loads of amazingly talented women working at TrakCel.

What are your thoughts on the gender imbalance in tech?

I have met a lot of women that have wanted to be in tech all of their lives – of all ages. These women are extremely able and conscientious. As a result, I do not feel that there would be a reason for a deficit of women in a tech company other than people’s perception of who would be able to do the job. It is more important to hire someone because of their capability to fulfill a role by skill, than any other reason.

What advice would you give to other women wanting to pursue a career in tech?

That you have an ambition for a particular career for a reason – you should listen to that feeling.  You should do what you enjoy as you will be more successful at something you have a passion for, than something you do not.

In your opinion, how do we get more women in tech?

Change perceptions of the fact that there are no women in tech by publicising and normalising how many successful women there actually are in the industry.

It is only when you eradicate the idea that there aren’t women in tech that you will normalise the notion! You will not only decrease the number of people that are prejudice to the idea but also encourage those that feel, ‘I can’t possibly be in tech, I am a woman!’.

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