Next up in TrakCel’s series celebrating Women in Technology is Elif Ercan Eralp , Scrum Master at TrakCel.

What are your thoughts on the gender imbalance in tech?

To be honest when I first decided to be an engineer in my teenage years, I had no idea about gender imbalance in the industry. Then I have learned by experience! Women have to work harder, be more resilient, be persistent with what they want to achieve in their career. This was my experience. I have never had a woman line manager in my 15 years of professional work career. This is a symptom of gender imbalance.

What advice would you give to other women wanting to pursue a career in tech?

Getting support is great, however it is not always possible, so they should be their own supporters and motivators! I was lucky that I have a supportive family and husband, so it helped me a lot.

If we have more role models, I am sure that will help to get more women in the industry.

Anyone who loves to solve complex problems can pursue a career in tech. However, staying happy and progressing in your career is another important factor. Some people may feel unappreciated, disrespected and lonely at workplace. They may also feel they are treated unfairly or misjudged. They are not alone, and it takes time to build confidence and stand stronger and learn from negative experiences. They may not feel confident, but they can learn how to look confident and it really makes a difference!

Catching up with latest technology trends and attending tech conferences or local groups helps with learning new cool stuff which also makes difference in your career too.

In your opinion, how do we get more women in tech?

We should talk about our own experience and be role models!

From young ages, girls should be aware that tech careers are an “option” and we should tell them more what we do in our daily jobs. It is well known what teachers, doctors or architects do, but it is very vague to the outside world what we do in tech jobs. I have a daughter and I sometimes bring her to my workplace to show what I do, and she loves it.

I think it is perhaps slightly easier now as technology is being used heavily in daily life, so actually young girls are surrounded by it and have the power to innovate.

I was being involved in voluntary mentoring programmes in Turkey for tech students, so I would be more than happy to be involved in that sort of programme in UK.

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