Supply Chain Integration with OCELLOS

Supply Chain Integration with OCELLOS

OCELLOS by TrakCel, is a cloud-based orchestration platform that offers end to end supply chain integration. OCELLOS was built to provide a technology solution to make the management of advanced therapy supply chains much simpler. Having the ability to integrate with supply chain partners at every stage means that you can view, manage and even automate your supply chain processes.

OCELLOS Supply Chain Integration Capabilities:

Manufacturing Integration with OCELLOS

OCELLOS can integrate easily to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or a resource planning system such as an Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) that support API integration. There are several Cell and Gene specific MES that have already been integrated with OCELLOS and as such are part of the pre-existing partner eco-system.

Having the ability to integrate with manufacturers from within a cloud-based application allows for real-time scheduling and booking of manufacturing slots – simplifying the process and saving valuable time. It also allows healthcare providers to give patients better information around the key dates and milestones of their treatment right from patient enrolment.

Efficient scheduling and use of manufacturing time-slots is becoming ever more critical as the industry matures, by accessing availability in real-time and then being able to monitor the progress of the stages immediately before manufacturing ensures that everything keeps moving as scheduled.

View & download the manufacturing datasheet for more information on manufacturing supply chain integration.

Labelling Integration with OCELLOS

In personalized therapies, both compliance and Chain of Identity (COI) are critical to quality and patient safety, so consistent and compliant labelling of patient samples and finished drug products are critical, right from the very first patient in the clinical trial process, all the way through to commercial scale-up which may mean considering other languages or other data protection legislation.

In personalized medicines, confirming that the patient identity at each stage of the therapy journey is vital, as is ensuring that data privacy regulations are not breached. OCELLOS helps to ensure that the COI is tracked throughout.

View & download the labelling datasheet for more information on labelling supply chain integration.

ERP, Courier & Logistic Integrations with OCELLOS

OCELLOS uses MuleSoft API technology to connect and communicate with third party applications, portals or websites to send and receive information. This means that OCELLOS can schedule new shipment bookings, cancel existing bookings with ERPs, couriers and logistics.

OCELLSO can even store obligatory and consistent information, such as which type of shipment to book for a particular material (such as temperature controlled requirements etc) without the user having to enter it for each shipment.

View & download the courier and logistics integration datasheet for more information.

Patient Hub Services Integration with OCELLOS

With advanced therapies and in particular, personalized therapies, the patient is at the heart of the supply chain. Co-ordinating the supply chain activities around them is critical to successful treatment and a good patient experience.

Creating an integration between the supply chain management and patient hub services is beneficial throughout the process, offering functionality such as real-time checking of patient eligibility or benefits verification, as well as access to the full therapy schedule and the progress through it.

View & download the patient hub services datasheet for more information on supply chain integration.

Custom Integrations with OCELLOS

OCELLOS has a range of partners who provide specialist services to the Cell and Gene Therapy sector who are already integrated with the OCELLOS eco-system, including couriers, manufacturers, labelling and patient hub services and electronic data capture systems.

TrakCel continues to enhance our Integration network and should you have a specific integration request, please speak to one of the team.

View & download the custom integrations datasheet for more information.

Interested in Supply Chain Integration?

If you’re interested to find out more about OCELLOS and how it can integrate with your entire supply chain, book a free demo in with one of our team and we’ll happily show you how it works.

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