Patient Focused ATMP Scheduling

Patient Focused Scheduling

ATMPs are increasingly becoming part of the standard care pathways for certain conditions and the growth in the industry, particularly in therapies that are approaching commercialization means that larger patient populations are becoming involved. The curative nature of the therapies often means that the patients receiving the treatments are extremely sick and as a result, a speedy, smooth and efficient patient journey is of the utmost importance.

TrakCel’s systems are patient and end-user focused, aiming to provide the best possible user experience at all points of the journey and this begins at patient registration. One of the biggest frustrations of healthcare providers and a source of anxiety for patients is lack of clarity over the timelines that are planned in for treatment. To help combat this, the ATMP scheduling screens in OCELLOS are available to authorized users regardless of where they are in the patient journey. This means that even ahead of completing patient registration a practitioner can see the manufacturing availability for their therapy, giving them the opportunity to set realistic expectations of therapy timelines for patients.

As OCELLOS can either connect live to a manufacturer system or utilize manual schedule information from the manufacturing partners, this availability information should always be up to date. Once the patient is enrolled/registered then manufacturing slots can be reserved and confirmed directly from OCELLOS without emails or phone calls between the various parties.

Even more importantly, once the critical timelines have been established, OCELLOS will calculate a detailed patient journey with actions and dates and will prompt users with notifications to keep the journey on track.

TrakCel’s experience over the last 10 years have shown that as with so many things, the little features make a big difference and there is always a patient at the end of everything we do.

Next Week: The importance of tailored user profiles.

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