Partner Ecosystem

Streamlining the delivery of advanced therapies is reliant upon a connected and transparent value chain of partners. TrakCel leverages partnerships with a wide range of cell and gene therapy service providers to provide a seamless end-to-end solution. Our partner eco-system both extends where and what data can be shared, and offers customers a choice of integrated global suppliers for more robust supply chain networks. Partners include leading shipping and logistics, manufacturing, labeling, data and patient service providers.

partner ecosystem

Connecting the Complex

OCELLOS is built for connectivity so allows customers to connect with a wide range of complementary service providers to scale their value chain with confidence. TrakCel’s offers seamless API connectivity to provide stable and secure data sharing with end-to-end solutions for cell and gene therapies and personalized cancer vaccines.

Take advantage of TrakCel’s existing integrations, including contract manufacturers, specialty couriers, cold chain logistics, case management and other essential services to enhance control of the supply ecosystem.

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Our Partner Ecosystem is continuously expanding.
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Connect with a range of complementary services and systems

Leverage TrakCel’s existing partnerships for complete visibility of the value chain all from one platform

Seamless connections powered by Mulesoft

Integrate essential services and technologies faster via Mulesoft’s comprehensive integration platform

Data integrity at all times

TrakCel’s platform safely exchanges data with other cell and gene therapy software systems

Always evolving

TrakCel is committed to cell and gene therapy standardization and is continuously adding to its Partner Ecosystem

Powerful integration with an ecosystem of connected service companies

See What Our Partners Have To Say

At TrakCel, we are working with the goal of standardizing the delivery of life changing therapies to patients globally. By partnering with carefully selected companies and integrations we are always working to create seamless integrations to streamline the advanced therapy value chain.

"I have nothing but good things to say about TrakCel. The user interface is user-friendly and intuitive and the support provided has been great."

Wuxi Advanced Therapies

“The integration of TrakCel’s advanced therapy supply chain tracking software with the Ori full-stack platform is another step forward enabling our customers to have full visibility throughout the supply chain.”

Ori Biotech

"The cell and gene therapy industry continues experiencing exponential growth. As a fresh group of therapies moves towards commercialization, the supply ecosystem becomes more extensive. As a result, labeling standards have become critical to reduce risks, as specified by SCB and other organizations, BarTender will provide a vital component to OCELLOS by TrakCel to ensure the safety of patients, developers and all those within the value chain."

BarTender, Seagull Scientific

“Be The Match BioTherapies and TrakCel share the goal of ensuring that the next generation of cell and gene therapies can be developed efficiently and delivered to patients safely and reliably. This collaboration will allow us to develop the custom solutions best suited for each individual program and patient population.”

Be The Match BioTherapies

"The collaboration between Marken and TrakCel is a natural next step in our strategy to expand Marken's service offerings into the CGT clinical supply chain market. Our network of 49 global sites now include eight cryogenic (LN2) service stations and a very large and well-distributed fleet of specialty shipping containers to serve these trials. We also ensure 100% of all cell and gene shipments travel with our GPS tracking technology and are monitored by our 24/7 Global Control Center. We look forward to our new collaboration with TrakCel and what we can achieve together."


“Precision medicine and the delivery of innovative cell and gene therapies require a personalized approach, TrakCel’s robust data tracking and verification capabilities, combined with McKesson’s industry leading 3PL, specialty pharmacy solutions and patient support capabilities, are critical to helping manufacturers safely and effectively commercialize innovative new therapies. This integrated system will help prescribers and manufacturers work together seamlessly to ensure that the right patient always receives the correct therapeutic product at the right time.”

McKesson Life Sciences

“Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics transports every year over 80,000 human organs and tissue samples. It is now essential not only to track the transport of these products that patient’s lives depend on but to offer every person involved in the supply of these products real-time information of the status and location of these products. Based on the continuously growing number of therapeutic companies currently working with TrakCel and Quick, we see this partnership and the work completed as a critical step forward for the industry.”

Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics

“By incorporating links into the TrakCel solution we’ll provide on-tap access to cell therapy companies as they move through clinical trials to scaled production.”

World Courier

“This partnership with TrakCel showcases our vision of becoming the standard for scheduling and operational management in this fast-growing industry. BINOCS is already supporting QC operations for commercial CGT products, and we have further expanded our offering to include production scheduling and planning. Integrating with TrakCel will enable us to further expand our value and footprint in supporting CGT products and associated supply chains. We aim to deliver an ecosystem with TrakCel and others that offer great value to our clients and ultimately the patients and caregivers.”


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