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The "Connected Services" Ecosystem - Needle-to-needle Visibility

The complexity of autologous Cell Therapies demands a “connected services" experience with real integration across the supply chain . Synchronizing operations and information flow is critical and no one player can do it all  - the solution lies in strong partnerships, working together and weaving individual capabilities into an integrated, elegant, best-of-breed solution.

TrakCel partners with industry leaders to develop and deliver high-value, integrated CGT supply chain solutions that streamline trials of new therapies and ultimately provide the critical integrated suite of technologies and services necessary for safe and successful commercialisation.

A commitment to co-innovation 

Smoothing the path to commercialization 

Our partner program aims to deliver performance and service visibility improvements across the supply chain including Medical centers, clinical logistics, quality, storage,  manufacturing and compliance. Through shared processes and intellectual property, we can deliver solutions that lead the market in flexibility, interoperability and offer real client value.

Our partners

Synchronized Operations

Integrated. Elegant. Powerful.

In Cell Therapy,  the winners will be the companies committed to successful partnerships, solving the most demanding challenges, and enabling our customers to achieve the visibility, control, and scale they demand. 

Global Advantage

A "single pane of glass" vision

Our "single pane of glass” vision,  giving real-time visibility of the entire clinical supply chain through one platform, only has true value if it delivers all of the capabilities needed to report on every SOP and activity.
Our Partner Ecosystem of Logistics providers, Device Manufacturers, CMOs and  CROs, together create this visibility and crucial value-added service network for the industry as a whole.

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