OCELLOS v3.0 Named in The Scientist Top 10 Innovations for 2022

OCELLOS top 10 innovations 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, The Scientist magazine published their winners for their annual Top 10 Innovations earlier this month.

The innovations this year include a range of products from clinical focus to significant advances in sequencing, single-cell analysis, and many more. All of the products were chosen by a panel of independent judges; Kim Kamdar (Managing partner Medical Excellence Capital), Wei-Jun Qian (Bioanalytical chemist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Mahendra Rao (CEO at implant therapeutics), and Krystyn Van Vliet (Michael and Sonja Koerner Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT).

OCELLOS named in The Scientist Top 10 Innovations of 2022

OCELLOS, described as ‘a software tracking system for overseeing gene and cell therapies from bench to bedside’, was awarded with spot on this year’s list. Recognized not only as it bolsters the safety and quality of the medical supply chain, but it also manages the chain of identify (COI) and the chain of custody (COC) in a cloud-based platform – to data regulatory standards.

The award has come at a brilliant time as continued enhancements and improvements take place on the OCELLOS platform.

How OCELLOS is Paving the Way for Cell & Gene Therapy Orchestration

TrakCel’s flagship product, OCELLOS, allows stakeholders to manage each touchpoint, as well as all indications, patient groups and any trials associated with a therapy from a single application. OCELLOS enables all those involved in the development and delivery of therapies clinically progressing through multiple indications to have a single viewpoint and workflow across the supply and value chains. As a result, the platform considerably simplifies task management for all involved, as information is consolidated into a single dashboard.

OCELLOS also allows developer to manage different classes of therapy within the platform, this means that entire pipelines of therapies can be efficiently managed from a single platform to minimize cost of ownership, training and validation burdens.

Furthermore, supply and value chains are continuing to internationalize as more companies launch into the CGT sector from different regions and countries. Therefore, TrakCel has developed the OCELLOS user interface to manage multiple time zones and languages more intuitively. This makes it easier for a user to view, schedule and manage global manufacturing and logistics, over multiple manufacturing cycles, across a range of local languages, suppliers and time zones. OCELLOS will continue to manage different processes, suppliers, patient populations and the chain of identity, labelling and data privacy obligations automatically from one platform.

Other Products That Made The Top 10 Innovations

Also included on the list; Personalis’ NeXT Personal, which uses a patent’s own tumour to detect, quantify, and monitor circulating tumour DNA in order to spot MRD and track responses to Therapy.

CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager made the top 10 innovations with its high-resolution microscope that allows researchers to visualize and analyze the data generated by the CosMx.

UG100™ by Ultima Genomics was awarded with a spot as it was developed with the technology to sequence an entire human genome for US$100.

Proteograph™ Product Suite was recognized as it uses nanoparticle-based assay that allows unbiased sampling of all peptides in a biofluid sample.

LIVE T Cell Assay Nanolive made the list as their digital assay examines how T cells locate, bind, stress and kill their targets, including infected, foreign, and cancerous cells.

MARS® Bar Applied Cells Inc was awarded with a spot as this product uses immunomagnetic separation in a closed system with sterile fluidic kits for easier management, as well as having the ability to process three samples in parallel.

Single Cellome™ System SS2000 made the top 10 innovations as it is an automated subcellular sampling system with both dual spinning-disk and a sampling setup – which can be fully automated.

Also on the list was The LightBench Detect®, which is a DNA processing tool that is the only instrument on the market that can use plastic EDTA blood collection tubes.

Finally, Molecular Cartography Resolve Biosciences was recognized as its workflow offers a three-dimensional view of gene expression within cells without damaging the tissue section or cell culture sample.

Congratulations to all the products that made the Top 10 Innovations from everyone here at TrakCel.

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