MediWales has selected TrakCel as the Start-up of the year 2013 in Wales

MediWales has selected TrakCel as the Start-up of the year 2013 in Wales at the recent MediWales Innovation Awards, celebrating the achievements of life science companies and individuals from the NHS in Wales, TrakCel received it’s award from Dr. Stephen Minger of GE Healthcare.

The Award ceremony was hosted in Cardiff’s National Museum and saw a number of senior representatives from industry, the NHS and the government attend. TrakCel was recognised as a result of the supply chain management solution which helps developers of cell-based therapies monitor and record the documents, movements and temperatures of product at the various stages of the process.

For more information about this years awards, visit the MediWales website

About TrakCel

TrakCel’s patented technology is a single solution for controlling cell therapy processes from start to finish, to help assure patient safety, enable efficient clinical study and supply chain scale-up, provide multi-site standardisation and help drive clinical adoption. The technology provides instructions to professionals in the cell therapy process, and gives stakeholders visibility of all activities in the advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) supply chain from patient registration and collection of cells, through logistics, storage, processing of the cells in manufacturing and return delivery to the patient. Founded in 2012, TrakCel is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. TrakCel Ltd. 11 Raleigh Walk Brigantine Place Cardiff, UK, CF10 4LN

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