Press Release: TrakCel launches OCELLOS Lite, an off-the-shelf cell orchestration platform built to support clinical cell and gene therapy supply chains

OCELLOS Lite Launch Press Release

Cardiff, UK, January 26, 2022 – TrakCel, a leading supplier of cellular orchestration solutions for the cell and gene therapy industry, today announces it has launched its latest product in its next generation cell and gene therapy sector product range, OCELLOS Lite.

This solution is designed as a cost-effective, entry level orchestration product for early-stage cell therapy companies. It has specifically been created as one of the simplest and quickest solutions on the market, deploying in weeks. With built in pre-designed modules and industry proven processes, OCELLOS Lite allows companies to manage supply chain processes through the clinical phases of development of cell and gene therapies. At late-stage development into commercialization, companies are then able to transition easily to a larger scale orchestration solution such as OCELLOS by TrakCel, by simply developing their existing orchestration system rather than migrating to an entirely new system. This route avoids the complex migration from a paper-based to digital solution at the later stage of development to adhere to regulatory requirements or the need to retrain and re-deploy a new, unfamiliar system across the value chain.

The cost of cell and gene therapy development continues to escalate, with the cost of purely early-stage clinical studies rising above $4 million in the sector, and pivotal studies costing over $41,000 per patient. OCELLOS Lite is therefore able to streamline an increasingly complex cell and gene therapy supply chain by reducing potential errors and administration costs that exponentially impact therapy costs. In addition, OCELLOS Lite can cost less than 5% of an early-stage clinical trial. The solution has been designed to provide full chain of custody and chain of identity, giving early phase developers a fast and efficient route to commercialization via robust processes and auditable data management without extensive paper trails.

OCELLOS Lite is based on the platform, ensuring configuration can be easily managed. As an entry level solution, key processes have been pre-configured, with the flexibility for clients to further configure the system to better fit existing processes. API (application programming interface) connectivity via MuleSoft ensures data sharing is stable, even when integrated systems change or are updated and enables data to be shared securely and in real-time across the value chain. OCELLOS Lite also supports integration with courier and labeling service providers including World Courier, Marken, QuickSTAT and BarTender.

“For therapies to progress from early to late-stage clinical development and through to commercialization, electronic cellular orchestration solutions are now the de facto standard to manage the various aspects across the supply and value chains which means vast transition from paper-based to digital systems,” said Ravi Nalliah, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, TrakCel. “Moreover, as the costs of early-stage clinical development continues to increase, therapies are involved in ever more complex routes involving larger number of partners. This is why TrakCel has designed OCELLOS Lite as a simple, cost effective and quickly deployable early solution for cell and gene therapy developers.”

OCELLOS Lite by TrakCel is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

About TrakCel

TrakCel is a market leading developer of integrated technologies specifically created in 2012 to manage the international autologous and allogeneic cell, gene and immunotherapy supply chain. TrakCel’s software platform has been developed in collaboration with, and increasingly adopted by leading companies in the cell, gene and immunotherapy industries. TrakCel’s solutions deliver real-time control over the entire therapeutic supply chain, from sample collection through manufacturing to treatment delivery. The TrakCel platform accelerates global scale-up and scale-out of cell and gene therapy products, increasing efficiency and decreasing complexity, while maintaining treatment collection to administration compliance and traceability.  TrakCel is headquartered in Cardiff, UK with US offices in California and New Jersey. 

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