SAVSU and TrakCel announce collaboration to integrate Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Cold- Chain data management platforms

Integrating Cell Orchestration and Live Cell Visibility Platforms Will Provide Enhanced, Auditable Vein-to-Vein Documentation Supporting Clinical Trials, Commercial Distribution and Reimbursement of Cell-Based Therapies

ALBUQUERQUE, NM and CARDIFF, UK — April 25, 2017 — SAVSU Technologies, the leading developer of smart precision shipping containers and cloud-based cold chain management SaaS solutions, today announced that that it will collaborate with Cardiff-based TrakCel Ltd to integrate  its evo® Cold Chain 2.0™system with TrakCel’s Cellular Orchestration Platform™.

evo Cold Chain 2.0 is a disruptive live cell visibility platform for management of time and temperature sensitive biologic materials powered by the evo cloud-connected Smart Shipper and evo Cold Chain Management SaaS. This cloud-based, cold chain management platform integrates shipping container pack-out, freight carrier selection and purchase, and real-time GPS location and payload temperature monitoring, with critical alerts provided to stakeholders in the clinical delivery chain, including shipment, approaching destination, delivered, opened and remaining shelf life.

TrakCel’s Cellular Orchestration platform facilitates efficiency and compliance to quality standards in cell therapy manufacturing by enabling program-critical information to be collated, tracked and and documented. Detailed processes and managed workflows for every participant in the value chain enable safe and efficient scaling outward and upward as production increases. Conditional logic workflows for all participants including clinicians, logistics and manufacturing partners ensure standardization and compliance with validated procedures.

Bruce McCormick, President of SAVSU Technologies, remarked, “Our optimized technologies represent the next generation of integrated, cloud-connected cold chain technologies. We are very pleased to collaborate with TrakCel and look forward to integrating our respective data platforms to provide even more value to our mutual customers. We are committed to driving a paradigm shift away from traditional, risk-laden cold chain practices based on the use of poor performing shipping containers and disconnected data systems.”

Ravi Nalliah, CEO at TrakCel, commented, “We scoped the packaging and cold chain technologies space to identify best of breed ecosystem partners. SAVSU is so far ahead of traditional container and data logger suppliers, and we are very keen to integrate their innovations into our Cell Orchestration Platform. The timing of this collaboration is perfect as the cell therapy market continues to mature and awareness is peaked on the need to use better
tools to enable clinical trial success, commercial scale-out, and reimbursement supported by evidence of compliance throughout manufacturing, distribution and patient administration.”

Chain Link Research and Pharmaceutical Commerce market research estimate that there are 80 million to 130 million annual temperature sensitive pharmaceutical shipments requiring cold chain management, resulting in $12 billion spent annually on cold chain logistics, with $9 billion for transportation and $3 billion for specialized tertiary packaging and instrumentation such as insulated boxes, blankets, phase change materials, temperature sensors and dataloggers. The use of currently available cold technologies results in $15 billion to $35 billion spent annually replacing products lost due to temperature excursions.

For more information about how the ability to integrate Cell Therapy manufacturing and logistics data from partners throughout the ATMP supply chain helps to improve safety, efficiency and compliance, book a demonstration of TrakCel’s Cellular Orchestration Solution.

About SAVSU Technologies
SAVSU is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high performance, cloud-connected passive storage and transport containers for temperature-sensitive biologics and pharmaceuticals. Our mission is to improve global health by greatly reducing the waste and risks associated with the improper freezing and overheating of thermal-sensitive medicines and biologics. SAVSU has developed proprietary state-of-the-art technology to ultimately lower costs and improve delivery of these most essential materials.

About TrakCel
TrakCel’s cell, gene and immunotherapy management solution improves clinical study efficacy and accelerates global scale-up and scale-out by implementing communications technology to integrate the delivery path from needle-to-needle. The technology provides interactive instructions to
professionals across the supply chain and gives stakeholders on-demand visibility of procedural results and chain-of-custody data for immediate traceability, validation and compliance audits.

TrakCel technology is increasingly being adopted by leaders in the cell, gene and immunotherapy industry. TrakCel is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales with a U.S. offices in Newport Beach, California  and Bridgewater, NJ.

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