Cognate BioServices, TrakCel Strengthen the Cell Therapy Supply Chain

 CARDIFF, WALES, UK November 11, 2015 – TrakCel Ltd., a pioneer in cell therapy process management and supply chain integration technology today introduces Cognate BioServices as the newest member of the Connected Service programme.

The Connected Services partner services ecosystem accelerates cell therapy success by enhancing TrakCel’s cell therapy supply chain management platform with links to participant firms specializing in logistics, cell therapy manufacturing, patient treatment, storage, compliance and other essential tasks in the supply chain. Cognate Bioservices is a fully-integrated contract bioservices organization providing the highest level of scientific and management expertise, as well as full development and cGMP manufacturing services to companies and institutions engaged in the development of cell-based products.

”The TrakCel solution empowers cell therapy development companies to integrate and manage the supply chain from end-to-end” said Robert Margolin, Vice President, Corporate Development, Cognate BioServices.

“By partnering with TrakCel in the Connected Services programme we’ll be better positioned to manage the logistical hurdles associated with scale-up of today’s leading autologous cell therapy products from early clinical development through to full commercialization.”

TrakCel’s technology integrates and provides additional control and visibility into the entire cell therapy process while providing real-time audit logs and chain-of-custody records of critical and often irreplaceable components to stakeholders. It reduces the implementation risks associated with disparate, paper-based systems and accelerates scale up and scale out of cell therapy processes through immediate access to data for validation and regulatory audits. “Cognate BioServices provides world-class manufacturing and development services to regenerative medicine and advanced cell therapy companies, organizations and institutions.” said Kevin Smith, EVP Corporate Development, TrakCel.

“Their participation in the programme directly benefits cell therapy companies striving for excellence in supply chain performance.”

‘Connected Services’ provides a “single pane of glass” vision giving real-time visibility of the entire cell therapy supply chain through one platform which is technically and operationally associated with world-leading contributing organizations. Participating companies benefit by making their core capabilities in the autologous supply chain more visible and by extending business reach into the industry.

For more information on the TrakCel ‘Connected Services’ programme, please visit our partner eco-system page, alternatively, to book a demonstration to see how the TrakCel partner network could help simplify your supply chain, click here

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About TrakCel

TrakCel’s cell therapy process management solution improves clinical study efficacy and accelerates product scale-up/scale-out by implementing communications technology to integrate the supply chain from end-to-end. The technology provides interactive instructions to professionals within the cell therapy supply chain and gives stakeholders on-demand visibility of procedural results and chain-of-custody data for immediate traceability, validation and compliance audits. Founded in 2012, TrakCel technology has been adopted by GlaxoSmithKline and other leaders in the cell therapy industry. TrakCel is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. TrakCel Ltd.   For more information on TrakCel or our products and services, contact

About Cognate BioServices

Cognate is a dynamic, results-driven, contract manufacturing organization focused on providing the broadest range of commercialization services to regenerative medicine and advance cell therapy companies, organizations and institutions. Cognate provides specialized custom manufacturing and development services to companies across all points of clinical and commercial development ranging from early preclinical studies, to mid phase trials and product scaleup though later stage clinical trials and commercial manufacturing . Cognate applies the know-how and expertise of its business, scientific and technical teams to successfully develop biotechnology products across multiple cell-based technology platforms from start to finish. The combination of highly experienced staff, successful track records and cGMP facilities makes Cognate one of the most qualified contract manufacturers of cell-based products in the world today.

For more information please visit Cognate BioServices, Inc.  443-784-2422

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