Cell Orchestration Solutions that Fit your Therapy

Advanced therapy supply chains are complex; the live nature of the components means that they require real-time tracking and precisely controlled storage conditions. Therapies often need to be matched to a specific patient and administration of cell and gene therapies need to be scheduled and coordinated precisely.

Control, visibility and precision is needed to manage advanced therapy supply chains even in early clinical trials as errors or failures can be dangerous, costly and may have regulatory consequences.

These challenges only magnify in the commercialization of advanced therapies as the number of patients, prescribers, treatment centers, geographies, supplier partners and service providers all increase, making developers increasingly exposed during regulatory audits.

TrakCel’s suite of cell orchestration solutions; OCELLOS, OCELLOS Lite, and OCELLOS Core, are purpose built to support the development of advanced therapies from clinical development to beyond commercialization. For more information about which solution would best suit your organization, see our product summaries below, or contact us for more information.

OCELLOS by TrakCel

OCELLOS is our flagship cell orchestration solution. It is a complete, integrated platform that can be configured to match a specific advanced therapy supply chain exactly; establishing and documenting chain of identity and chain of custody from patient enrolment to final therapy administration.

Built on the Salesforce platform with a powerful Integration Hub, OCELLOS uses APIs to securely connect to supply chain partners, giving you control of the flow of information. With a broad, established eco-system of integrated partners including couriers, CMO’s, EMS, ERP and hub services, OCELLOS is the perfect solution through pivotal trials through to and beyond commercialization. As you grow, manage multiple therapies in one environment with therapy switcher and adjust processes without re-writing code.

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Why build an integrated supply chain

For a less complex solution…

Efficient courier management with OCELLOS Lite


OCELLOS Lite is a pre-configured version of OCELLOS, intended for therapies progressing into where scale is not yet a concern and resources are tight but data needs to be audit-ready.

Simplified and preconfigured for autologous therapies, OCELLOS Lite is quick and cost-effective to deploy, works to industry proven processes and includes key integrations with shipping, labelling and manufacturing, establishing and safeguarding chain of custody and chain of identity whilst capturing the full audit trail from the very patient. OCELLOS Lite scales seamlessly adding integrations, treatment personas and users as needed with no need to re-train staff or re-spend resources to be ready for commercialization.

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For a much simpler system and faster deployment…


OCELLOS Core is an out-of-the-box Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody solution for therapy developers from first in human clinical trials.

The system offers a simple but robust, standalone solution to manage and share supply chain information amongst key stakeholders and can be validated as part of your quality processes.

Ensuring that all your COI and COC data and supporting documents are in one place and allowing users visibility of the data they need as soon as it is entered.

OCELLOS Core transitions seamlessly into OCELLOS Lite, facilitating the addition of integrations, treatment personas and users as needed.

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COI & COC management with OCELLOS Core