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OCELLOS by TrakCel is the second generation cellular orchestration platform designed and developed by TrakCel. Leveraging a flexible, modular framework and powered by, it offers quick configuration to meet most autologous, allogeneic and personalized cancer vaccine business processes out of the box.

OCELLOS by TrakCel is the first and only cellular orchestration platform available on Salesforce AppExchange – the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace.

trakcel patient enrollment

Patient enrollment

Let's Begin the Journey

OCELLOS by TrakCel provides the ability to enroll subjects and patients in both the clinical trial and commercial settings.  Powered by a wizard interface that guides that the healthcare provider through each step of the process from patient identification, scheduling and order placement, enrolling a patient and starting Chain of Identity has never been easier. 

Capacity Management & Scheduling

Real-Time Access to Manufacturing Availability

OCELLOS by TrakCel provides a flexible framework for entering capacity and visualizing it using an intuitive calendar to show manufacturing capacity across a rolling number of calendar months. 

Need multiple manufacturing sites? No problem. OCELLOS by TrakCel enables capacity and scheduling to be managed across multiple global manufacturing sites.

Does your therapy require multiple therapy cycles? OCELLOS by TrakCel supports multiple therapy cycles out of the box.

Dashboards & Reporting

Know Where your Patient is in the Cell Journey

OCELLOS by TrakCel provides real-time access to all cellular orchestration data.  From a high-level view to updates to specific patient information, OCELLOS by TrakCel provides real-time access to patient journey information

Powered by a series of out-of-the-box reports including: New Patient Enrollments, Scheduled Final Product Deliveries, Chain of Identity, Chain of Custody and Patient Journey, access to critical cellular orchestration data has never been easier.

Need a custom report?  No problem.  OCELLOS by TrakCel leverages the platform, enabling the ability to quickly and easily create and distribute analytics and reporting, all from one place. 


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