WED 11 AUG 12:00 AM BST -

WED 11 AUG 1:00 PM BST

Webinar: Commercial supply chain strategies for cell and gene therapies

Hosted by: AmerisourceBergen

In this webinar Melissa Lattanzi, Senior Director, Channel Strategy, AmerisourceBergen; Albert Cooksey, Senior Vice President and General Manager of 3PL Services, ICS and Jason Ramseth, Chief Product Officer, TrakCel look at how to optimize the commercial supply chain for cell and gene therapies.

Commercialization of novel advanced therapies requires a detailed strategy that makes use of integrated solutions to minimize errors and cope with the increased scale of activity. This webinar reviews key elements for consideration when designing and implementing a plan for moving a therapy from clinical trial into a commercial setting. From storage and automation solutions through to order-to-cash processes, the team talk through the steps to ensure your commercialization transition is as smooth as possible.

Missed the event? Don't worry you can watch on demand (duration 48 minutes) on the AmerisourceBergen website or download the key points summary document.

Looking for more information about Commercial supply chain for CGT? Look at the commercialization section of our resources pages for whitepapers full of relevant information.

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