MON 19 SEP 12:00 AM EST -

THU 22 SEP 12:00 AM EST

7th Annual CAR-TCR Summit 2022

Hosted by: Hanson Wade

The annual CAR-TCR Summit was back in Boston, MA and TrakCel were pleased to be able to join advanced therapy experts from around the globe to discuss the delivery of safe and viable therapies. The team Dr Fiona Withey CEO, Paul Viggers CCO, Dr Matthew Lakelin Co-Founder & VP Scientific Affairs and Product development, and Valerie Vincent VP Business Development were all in attendance, answering many questions around supply chain challenges, whilst showcasing our digital cell orchestration solutions OCELLOS and OCELLOS Lite.

Dr Matthew Lakelin hosted a breakfast briefing on the morning of day 3 before the events timetable got started. He was joined by Lung-I Vice President, Cell & Gene Therapy Commercial Solutions, Amerisource Bergen, where they discussed the role of digital solutions when managing changing supply chains. The turnout was successful with 30+ attendees from across the sector, the free breakfast was also well received!

Matthew & Valerie also took the opportunity to participate in the Emily Whitehead Foundation sponsored 5K charity run. The run began at 6am bright and early on the Wednesday morning and the team managed to see the sights of Boston on their journey.

If you didn't manage to catch the team or the briefing, why not download our key takeaways. Questions about the briefing or the topics discussed? Our team would be more than happy to have a chat, just complete the contact form below and one of them will be in touch.

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