Cyber Security Awareness Month

At TrakCel, security is one of the core principles: security of our systems and development processes, security of our information, and the security of our customers’ information. 

In the case of cyber-security, all TrakCel staff, both employees and contractors, are required to undergo both initial and annual cyber-security training. This also includes regular simulated cyber-security attacks to test their understanding and response to such attacks. 

OCELLOS by TrakCel, our second-generation advanced therapy orchestration platform is built on the platform. For Salesforce, trust is their number one value. They are committed to building trusted stakeholder relationships, maintaining reliable infrastructure, and ensuring data privacy. To support this, Salesforce provides many features on their platform that OCELLOS can leverage to provide a robust defence against cyber-security threats. 

Salesforce, a platform-as-a-service, rolls out 3 major releases every year with a set of changes dedicated to security of the platform, as well as any patch updates to address security issues as they are detected. These are pushed to all instances of Salesforce automatically. Similarly, TrakCel commits to regular feature and security updates to OCELLOS that will be enabled for customers. In this way TrakCel and Salesforce remove the requirement for the application users to be responsible for updating their system, ensuring security is always maintained to the highest level. 

The Salesforce platform also provides a suite of password management features, giving granular control over password policies relating to elements such as expiry, length, and complexity, as well as the permitted number of invalid attempts and lockout processes. OCELLOS uses these features to enable customers to create robust password policies. 

In addition to passwords, Salesforce can also be configured to require multi-factor authentication when logging into OCELLOS to provide an additional layer of cyber-security protection. 

Salesforce can also provide a set of streaming real-time events to enable monitoring of user login activity to detect unusual and suspect behaviours. 

The Salesforce platform offers a comprehensive set of tools such as data encryption at rest and role-based data access controls that work alongside OCELLOS to protect sensitive data. 

Through a combination of these tools and technologies, as well as security policies and procedures, OCELLOS delivers a secure application that protects your patient journey data. 

About Simon Parker

Simon is the Salesforce Solution Architect at TrakCel. He is involved in all aspects of the development of our OCELLOS cell and gene therapy orchestration product on the Salesforce platform. Using his 12 years’ experience on the Salesforce platform, he works closely with our product, development, operations and support teams to build solutions that align with our customer needs.

Simon has two degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge and also has an MBA.

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