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Fiona Withey, Chief Executive Officer and Debra Susarchick, Chief Product Officer and Head of Marketing at TrakCel, talk about their experiences and why they are passionate to celebrate women in technology and encourage more young women in STEM.

As a global company, recruiting and retaining women in key roles will be critical for us as we complete our Product and organizational transformation and ensuring that TrakCel remains the leader and innovator in the cell and gene therapy sector.

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing global industries, and technical innovation will play a crucial role in almost every sector of the economy.  We must encourage young women to take an interest in STEM in their early school years so that they can be represented.  For us at TrakCel, celebrating our women is important because they are making significant contributions to our Product, leadership teams and our overall business strategy.

“Having been in the privileged position to have led pharmaceutical and technology businesses through my career, I have had the most amazing opportunities to support the development of individuals to reach their true potential, achieve their ambitions and further their careers. It is incredibly important for women to have a strong and trusted network of support around them and I consider myself fortunate to have mentored females of all ages and levels in the workplace along with a female entrepreneur whose initial idea for a business has transpired into a rapidly growing, self-sustaining business that has been built around her busy family life. The personal satisfaction that I get from sharing my own experiences and learning, and the reward of seeing increased confidence, self-belief and achievement in those women I have supported is immense. I am proud to say that half of our leadership team at TrakCel are women, each of them striving to be positive female role models who empower and inspire others whilst supporting the development of our future female leaders.”

Dr Fiona Withey, Chief Executive Officer

“I feel that I have been extremely lucky in my career, having held positions in both the technology and business functions.  What helped me along the way was a network of women that I could rely on or go to for support.  While I was at Merck & Co., Inc., I participated in the Mentoring program and was paired with a senior female leader within the organization.  As I progressed through and changed companies, I was fortunate enough to build a similar network and have strong women that I looked up to and could go to for support.  Women lifting up and supporting other women is very important.  Fiona and I are hopefully leading by example and demonstrating the leadership behaviors that our women can model as they progress within their own careers.

TrakCel is delighted to recognize the valuable contributions that our women are making to our technology foundation as well as to our business overall.  We are also lucky that we have women at the highest levels of the organization — women have broken through the glass ceiling, have a seat at the table, and together with the rest of our executive team, we are excited to take the company in a new and exciting direction”.

Debra Susarchick, Chief Product Officer & Head of Marketing 

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